Sam Altman Effect: Worldcoin Surges 46% In The Wake Of OpenAI Board Reunion

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OpenAI, the research company synonymous with Worldcoin and the groundbreaking generative AI like ChatGPT, finds itself at a crossroads. Just months after a dramatic firing and swift reinstatement, CEO Sam Altman has rejoined the board, but the dust from the incident hasn’t settled. Legal battles, a changing board landscape, and fierce competition paint a picture […]

Europe Unveils World’s First AI Regulations – How This Intersects With The Crypto Industry

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Friday was a big day in tech history because it was the day that European Union (EU) negotiators finished writing the world’s first complete set of rules for AI, or more popularly, artificial intelligence. This agreement, which has been named the “Artificial Intelligence Act,” is a big step toward giving the technology judicial oversight. After […]

Bizarre Twist: Sam Altman Makes A Surprise Return To OpenAI As CEO

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Following a tumultuous five-day power struggle within OpenAI’s board, Sam Altman stages a triumphant return, joining forces once again with co-founder Greg Brockman amidst the unfolding drama. In a startling turn of events, Altman has made a decisive agreement to reclaim the helm at OpenAI, as revealed in a Wednesday post on X. His unexpected […]

ChatGPT Creator OpenAI Expels CEO Sam Altman

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In a stunning turn of events, OpenAI, the visionary force behind the groundbreaking ChatGPT launched just a year ago, dropped a bombshell on Friday. The company announced the abrupt dismissal of CEO Sam Altman, a central figure in the AI revolution, sending shockwaves through the tech world. According to a company statement, a thorough review […]