Cathie Wood Doubles Down: Bitcoin Is King Of Security

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Bitcoin, the enigmatic digital asset, is once again sparking debate, this time around its fundamental security. Cathie Wood, the tech-savvy Ark Invest CEO, ignited the fire by declaring Bitcoin “backed by the largest computer network in the world.” This claim, echoing Michael Saylor’s pronouncement of Bitcoin as a “digital scarcity,” paints the cryptocurrency as an impregnable […]

Cathie Wood Slams Vanguard: ‘Terrible’ Move For Excluding Bitcoin ETFs

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Financial titan Vanguard’s unwavering “no cryptos” stance, despite the SEC’s recent green light for Bitcoin ETFs, has sent shockwaves through the investment world. This decision, met with fiery criticism from industry leaders like Ark Invest’s Cathie Wood and a wave of investor discontent, has ignited a critical debate about the future of traditional finance in […]

ETF Victory, Verbal Vendetta: Wood Fires Back At Gensler’s Crypto Denigration

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In a watershed moment for the cryptocurrency world, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on Wednesday greenlit the first-ever spot Bitcoin ETF, granting investors direct access to the world’s largest digital asset through regulated financial instruments. However, the SEC’s approval was delivered with a dose of caution, highlighting the agency’s continued concerns about the […]

Bitcoin Power: Why Investment Maven Cathie Wood Hails The Crypto As ‘Digital Gold’

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Bitcoin continues to gain support despite the implications drawn from Sam Bankman-Fried’s fraud case, which could reinforce the arguments of its detractors. Cathie Wood, CEO of Ark Investment, stands firm in her support for the leading digital currency, advocating for its continued prominence in the virtual asset realm. According to the ARK top honcho, as […]