Bitcoin Plunge Under $68,000 Squeezes $668M Crypto Longs

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Data shows over $668 million in cryptocurrency long contracts have been squeezed following Bitcoin’s crash under the $68,000 level. Bitcoin Has Registered A Drop Of 7% In The Last 24 Hours Right after setting a fresh all-time high (ATH) not too far from the $74,000 level, the Bitcoin price has reversed its trajectory sharply during […]

Bitcoin Plunges Under $51,000, What’s Behind This Drop?

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Bitcoin has witnessed a plunge under the $51,000 level during the past day, here’s what’s potentially behind this decline according to on-chain data. Bitcoin Has Slipped Under The $51,000 Level During The Past Day Yesterday, Bitcoin had observed a sharp surge to touch the $53,000 level and set a new high for the year, but […]

Bitcoin Whales Quietly Buy While Market Panics About Plunge

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On-chain data shows the Bitcoin whales have grown in number while the rest of the market has been panicking about the latest plunge in the asset. Bitcoin Investors With More Than 1,000 BTC Have Grown In Number Recently As pointed out by an analyst in a post on X, BTC whales might be capitalizing on […]

Bitcoin Loses $42,000 As Miners Sell Another 1,000 BTC

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Bitcoin has plunged below $42,000 as on-chain data shows the miners have continued their recent selloff, distributing another 1,000 BTC. Bitcoin Miners Continue To Make Outflows From Their Reserve As pointed out by analyst Ali in a post on X, miners have participated in some additional selling since Friday. The indicator of interest here is […]