Bitcoin Miner Riot Platforms Generated Record $281 Million Revenue In 2023 – Details |

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According to its latest financial report, Riot Platforms, one of the world’s largest Bitcoin mining and data center hosting firms, generated a record high in terms of revenue in 2023. A Breakdown Of Riot’s 2023 Financial Report According to its annual report, Riot Platforms registered a record-breaking $280.7 million in total revenue in the past […]

Crypto Winter Might Be Over, Says Morgan Stanley, All Eyes On April 2024 |

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According to a report by the global investment bank Morgan Stanley, signs indicate that the cyclical “crypto winter” bear market, which has plagued the cryptocurrency industry, may finally end.  The report explores the historical pattern of Bitcoin’s (BTC) performance following halving events that occur approximately every four years. Furthermore, the report estimates that the next […]